About Me

My name is Adam Holsten. I am a web designer and photographer with a background in producing websites with rich and vibrant content.

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Web, Branding & Video

For this project I was tasked with creating an engaging website for a 100-year-old sheet metal shop.

In the process I forged a new brand for the company using slick vintage photography as well as a striking HTML 5 video.


Backend Coding - Dynamic Templates

cabe webpage

College of Architecture and the Built Environment


Building off of the initial pages designed and coded by Matthew Goebner, I created templates for the 10 program sites that make up the College of Architecture and the Built Environment. I coded these templates in Velocity Script, a Java language that renders the dynamically generated user content into the page templates.

Brand Design - Responsive Website

Eric Holsten is a professional musician who produces electronic, ambient, dark-pop music.

He needed a website that visually matched the ambient quality of his music. He also needed the site to play his albums in a simple and convenient manner that links to his Bandcamp pages.

He is a fan of dark, grainy images with colorful highlights. My initial inspiration for the visual brand came from one of the lamps in his studio.

I began this project with a photo and videoshoot of Eric’s studio. I have a strong background in photography and video that I was able to showcase in this project.

More Projects


Need a Website?

I am currently available for freelance design and development projects. I am also available for a full-time position.

Or maybe you would like me to shoot video or photos for your project?

Please contact me by clicking the link below or emailing directly at adam.holsten@gmail.com. I would be happy to discuss my rates and work process with you.

I will respond to your inquiry within 24-hours of your original message.