From Start to Finish

Web Design, Print Design, & Font Design

Jamie & Adam’s Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful in it’s own right, but designing a wedding while planning it is stress to a whole ‘nother level. My process for designing our wedding began by developing a visual language for the look and feel of our wedding’s brand. Working with my fiance, we viewed many wedding websites for inspiration. […]

Branding, Logo Design, Web Design & More

NYU Wireless

I was hired at NYU WIRELESS and given a three month deadline to turn around a new brand, logo, and website for the wireless research department. Without a lot of information to start with, I began the design process by researching the center’s focus as well as similar lab programs within NYU. These lab and […]

Branding, Photography, Video, & Web Design

Henry Rader & Son

Henry Rader & Son is a Jersey City Sheet Metal shop that has been doing business since 1906. My job was to develop a brand and web experience for this historic family business. I started the design process by researching the history of the shop and by looking at the shop’s existing photography. Some of […]

Branding, Design & Stage Management

Brooklyn 5G Summit

The Brooklyn 5G Summit is a yearly technology summit hosted by NYU WIRELESS and Nokia with industry affiliates representing AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, and other telecomm companies. My biggest responsibility for the summit is to serve as stage manager for the three days of the summit. My responsibilities include: Organizing speakers and manage presentations Managing our […]

Design & Template Development

MFA Program Template

Working as a designer in the higher education system, you end up meeting a lot of individuals in charge of managing programs of students numbering in the hundreds. A lot of directors did not have time to meet with me and discuss their needs, but a few did. Meetings with program directors who were passionate […]

Graphic Design & Logo Design

Grilled Cheese Album Art

In the past, I have worked a number of freelance jobs with bands and musicians. These jobs ranged from creating websites to shooting photography to designing album art. I enjoy working in a environment of creative and talented individuals whose work and experience can elevate my own. Grilled Cheese is a New Jersey based band […]

Web & Print Design, Event Management

Recruitment Day

During the first few days in my new job at NYU WIRELESS, I was tasked with creating a website and event programs for the center’s Recruitment Day event. At the event, our industry affiliates would tour the center and meet with students to review their research and possible hire them for an internship or full-time […]

Wordpress Template Building

Resume Book & Job Board

The students at NYU WIRELESS enroll in the program to have access to some of the finest labs, faculty, and industry professional in the wireless research world. In my role as Web Design & Development Manager, I was tasked with developing a jobs and portfolio board for students to posts their resumes and apply for […]

Photography, Video, & Social Media

Social Media Management

During my time at The College of New Rochelle I created a number or landing, program, and class page templates for the college. I also worked on developing a larger social media audience with the help of the College Relations staff. While the college already had fairly active Twitter and Facebook profiles, they did not […]

Email Design & Delivery

Email Campaigns

A lot of email marketing services promise a one-stop-shop solution for all of your email needs. In my experience, I found these services to be lacking in their email templates and custom functionality. As a work around, I developed a number of responsive email templates from scratch. I them designed the content for the templates […]

Wedding Photography

Kilroy Wedding

My years of field work as a journalist gave me a number of invaluable skills. The ability I gained that I am most proud of is my skill with a camera. In the summer of 2012, I had the chance to serve as the secondary photographer for the McDermott/Kilroy wedding. As I was familiar with […]