Brooklyn 5G Summit

Branding, Design & Stage Management

The Brooklyn 5G Summit is a yearly technology summit hosted by NYU WIRELESS and Nokia with industry affiliates representing AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, and other telecomm companies.

My biggest responsibility for the summit is to serve as stage manager for the three days of the summit. My responsibilities include:

  • Organizing speakers and manage presentations
  • Managing our IT and video streaming teams to ensure a professional a fluid broadcast
  • Seeing that our student and guest stations are setup and prepared for the show
  • Arrange Interviews between faculty and students with the media

In addition, I was also tasked with my normal duties as web manager which include:

  • Update social media profiles
  • Schedule by hourly social media updates with student profiles and NYU WIRELESS projects
  • Develop new B5GS website and brand

While the event is hosted by NYU WIRELESS, we also worked with our affiliate partner, Nokia, to manage and prepare for the summit.

Nokia manages their own website for the summit but our team felt it necessary to create a more focused and stylised landing page that could quickly and effectively promote the summit.

I developed a landing page for B5GS which shows a lively site that gives the user a quick understanding of what the summit is all about. This page contains all of the necessary links to registration pages as well as media and contact information.


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