Grilled Cheese Album Art

Graphic Design & Logo Design

In the past, I have worked a number of freelance jobs with bands and musicians. These jobs ranged from creating websites to shooting photography to designing album art. I enjoy working in a environment of creative and talented individuals whose work and experience can elevate my own.

Grilled Cheese is a New Jersey based band with a punk and surfer rock feel to their music. They asked me to create a cover for their latest album and provided only a few guidelines.

The cover must:

  • Have a black background
  • Feature larde, white block text
  • Be ready in under two days

With those directions and deadline set, I needed to move quickly.

The band’s two previous albums featured artwork and logos that were incongruent with their sound and attitude. What Grilled Cheese needed was a logo and a stamp that could serve as a quick and strong reminder of their unique sound.

For inspiration, I looked at a few modern punk bands logos. After a few different drafts, I decided to use the Zing Rust font family. This font is big and fun, and features hatching lines that look similar to grill marks.

The band was extremely happy with how the album art turned out.

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