Henry Rader & Son

Branding, Photography, Video, & Web Design

Henry Rader & Son is a Jersey City Sheet Metal shop that has been doing business since 1906. My job was to develop a brand and web experience for this historic family business.

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I started the design process by researching the history of the shop and by looking at the shop’s existing photography. Some of the photos date back to the 1920’s. It became immediately apparent that a lot of effort and artistry was put into this shop to produce the years of metal work in this shop’s history. I needed to create a website that reflected this passion and effort that showcased what the Raders were producing in the 1930’s as well as what they were producing today.

When brainstorming ideas for a new or reimagined brand, I like to start by thinking of a few keywords to guide my design process. Here are the key tennants for the Henry Rader & Son brand:

  • Custom
  • Gumption
  • Vintage
  • Experienced

I looked at a number of difference sources for inspiration, including American military and automobile ads from the 1950’s. I looked at modern architecture and high-brow restaurant websites for a contemporary and cultivated look.

The logo that I created has thick script lettering that carries a flourish of vintage artisty. I was very happy with the logo and then moved onto mocking up the rest of the website.

It was important for me to encorporate the textures of the shop. There are a lot of old pieces of metal and wood around the shop that contained a visual character that I wanted to maintain in the design.

One of the great things I love about metal work is how alive and explosive I could be to forge new metal pieces. After touring the shop, I thought how exciting it would be to show the moving image of these metal workers in their element. That’s when I began filming video for the website.

From my time filming in the shop, I caught a few clips of one of the metal workers soldering a copper frame together. The act is explosive and something not typically seen by your everyday consumer. It immediately grabs the user’s attention and sucks them into the webpage they are viewing.

The site may seem a little dated by it’s formatting by todays standards but I am very satisfied with the way the project turned out overall. This site was a key point in my web development cycle as it helped me develop the understanding and appreciation for video and motion in a capturing a user’s attention and bringing them into a website.


  • New Logo
  • Html5 Video
  • Contact Form
  • History Showcase

Skills Used

  • Photography and Video
  • Video Editing & Codex Work
  • Brand Research
  • Logo Design
  • HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript

Project Status


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