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I was hired at NYU WIRELESS and given a three month deadline to turn around a new brand, logo, and website for the wireless research department.

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Without a lot of information to start with, I began the design process by researching the center’s focus as well as similar lab programs within NYU. These lab and research programs within NYU contain a collection of some of the most intelligent and talented graduate students and young professions working in their field. I had to create a brand and a website that could represent these individuals and do them proud.

My first goal was to come up with a new logo and brand while also working on a new website for the center. I put together a mockup of the proposed front page of the site using a mix of flat design, the NYU Tandon color palate, as well as my own photography and video.

It took many drafts and different ideas before I settled on a logo. My thoughts were to use the established NYU fonts in tandem with wireless bands seen in many mobile or telecom brands. Eventually I settled on the logo you see below, a W shape with three distinct stripes, representing three wireless bands.

With the brand well establish by this point in the project, I moved on to developing a wordpress site for the center.

I begin every wordpress project by developing a theme from scratch using the minimal framework of Underscores. This blank framework allows me free reign to create a new wordpress website that isn’t hindered to the typical limitations of the platforms blog format. Along with Advanced Custom Fields, I was able to put together a customizable front page for the research group complete with rotating carousel, news story posts, and a mobile first design process.

Building Research Page Templates

The new wordpress platform I developed for NYU Wireless was just the start of the projects I would create for NYU WIRELESS. After completing the front page and news story templates, I began work on creating the research page templates.

Publication Database

The NYU Wireless director’s number one priority for me was to “get our publications right.” For academics, listing and updating your center’s publication is key.

The previous NYU Wireless publication website was completely static. All of the publication information had to be updated seperately on evey page it was listed on. This type of infrastructure would be extremely frustrating to maintain. I had to create a system where faculty members and students could quickly enter and modify their publications in one location and these changes would update across the entire NYU Wireless digital landscape.

What I decided on was to use a customized wordpress post along with Post Table Pro to create a system of publications that can be searchable and sortable into a readable table. Not only could all the publications be accessed and edited in one location, each subject matter or publication author could have their specific publication table generated in a few lines of code. Read more about the Publication Database here.

Recruitment Day

During my first few weeks in my new job, I also was tasked with managing our students, creating a websites, and event programs for the center’s Recruitment Day event. At the event, our industry affiliates would tour our center and meet with our students to review their research and possible hire them for an internship or full-time position at their company.

Every guest needed a name badge and event program while every student needed a name badge, an accessible online resume, and a handful of business cards.

It was a lot to handle, with not a lot of time to turn the project around. Read more about NYU Wireless’ yearly Recruitment Day here.

I have accomplished a lot during my time at NYU Wireless. I was able to meet the goals my superiors set for me while also focusing on coming up with a larger outline of projects that could bring the standing of center’s digital presence to new heights.

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  • Design Logo
  • Design Website and Brand
  • Develop Email Templates
  • Manage Mass Email List
  • Design in-office digital displays
  • SEO

Other Projects

  • Publication Database
  • Recruitment Day Website
  • Brooklyn 5G Summit
  • Jobs Board

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