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Photography, Video, & Social Media

During my time at The College of New Rochelle I created a number or landing, program, and class page templates for the college. I also worked on developing a larger social media audience with the help of the College Relations staff.

While the college already had fairly active Twitter and Facebook profiles, they did not have an active Flickr or Instagram account. In my experience, I find that Instagram is a great platform to get young and active users involved with your organization while Flickr is an excellent platform to easily store and share your photo galleries.

Schedule posts using Hootsuite for large events like alumni day (the college’s donation drive) and commencement ceremony.

Once I uploaded the content and shared it on Instagram and Flickr I embedded the content to CNR’s content management system.

Since my start I was able to grow CNR’s Instagram followers by 50%.

Visit The College of New Rochelle’s Flickr page.

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